Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A momiji trip (2)

So, it has been 2 years since I started this blog. Time really passes so quickly.
During last year, many things happened, and I gained some experience also.
The most suitable theme for this year would be "Alhamdulellah".

First Gaza war, then I graduated from university,
I said "Sayounara" to m-sensei, and I met I-sensei,
I met very nice people and also not very nice people,
I joined the 12th Japanese speech contest as MC,
I learned driving (but still without a licence),
I lived 2 months of "confusion and uncertainty" whether to apply to Japan scholarship or not, and it ended up with "not",
I had a "crazy" thought to apply for a scholarship to "Sweden" (don't ask me why Sweden!), and I did apply, but I didn't get it,
I went to Syria,
I met k-sensei after 3 years for 1 hour,
I managed to study 1000 kanjis, I planned to take 2kyuu JLPT this year,(next week I will try a past-year paper of JLPT inshallah, and the result will make the final decision whether I will go or not),
Ramadan this year was very special also,
I searched for a job but still jobless (another theme that can be used to describe this year would be: sending cv to companies -> doing IQ, English, ... whatever exams -> making interviews -> waiting phone call from companies -> losing hope -> feeling disappointed),
Recently I started a course in visual arts(I hope I can complete it),

And finally, I started a new era in Anime drawing! NO more GREY drawings!
Now I can -somehow- color my drawings by photoshop!
And on this occasion I would like to introduce to this blog two characters I made recently: momi-chan (モミちゃん) and Akiko-san (in kanji: 秋子さん)
Please let me hear your comments about them. Constructive criticism is so welcomed! :)


(* モミ can be written in kanji as 紅(red) or 樅 (Fir tree شجرة التنوب)
for momi-chan , it refers to 「樅」one,
there is a very nice story for this tree, you can read it here!)


So, minasan thanks for visiting my blog always! kore kara mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^^

And always remember "Life is like a trip" ...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Just found this song on YouTube!
"nice song" desu kara, zehi kiite kudasai ^^