Friday, June 6, 2008

Japanese Proverbs (1)

Every semester-end I have to do what we call "Ta3zeeleh" for my room. Especially, my book shelves. Because the situation of them become very unbelievable.
I thought about taking a picture to post it, but then I decided not to do that. Because it was "very hidoi"!! To describe this "hidoi"ness, I think it is better to say that cleaning and rearranging the books took 3 days every time I do that!
Well, the extreme-untidiness is not the only reason for that. Another reason is that when I arrange the books I browse every book, and sometimes I stay to read all the book before putting it in its place.

Anyway, as you can notice from the title, this post is not to talk about my bookshelf, nor my untidiness. Actually it's about some Japanese proverbs I "discovered" during the "cleaning" process.

Last year I was studying Japanese with N-sensei, in that time I asked her to teach me some Japanese proverbs. And she was giving me after each lesson a card with a proverb wrote on it. I was looking forward to read what is wrote on the card, and then pasting it on a special notebook I made, called "Nihon no Kotowaza" notebook. I was very happy to find it between tens of books, 「なつかしいなー」。。。

Learning proverbs was very useful, fun and wonderful! The useful part was learning new words from the proverb, and knowing how people were thinking. The fun part was when I was trying to find a similar-meaning Arabic proverb, and when "okashii" words come out. The wonderful part was when I noticed that there is an exactly the same meaning proverb in Arabic for some of them! The same words, the same meaning, and also the same way of use!

I like to share with you some of these proverbs, and if you know a more-meaningful Arabic proverb match with any of them please tell me^^

It means when there are no news, that mean that the news are good. No bad news.
In Arabic: (I didn't find a suitable one for this!:(

It means: Buying cheap stuffs is loosing money
(الرخيص بروح كب) (I wonder if it is in Syrian accent?)
(الغالي سعره فيه)

Every time the rain falls, the land become more tough.
I also remember this "kotowaza" from T-sensei's class. It was very interesting.
In Arabic: (ما تاخد صاحبك إلا بعد القتلة)

Waking up early equals 3 pennis, means it is a little good.
In Arabic: (نم بكير فيق بكير شوف الصحة كيف بتصير)

Even monkeys fall from trees.
In Arabic: (لكل جواد كبوة و لكل عالم هفوة)

Make your cute kid travel around.
I didn't find a suitable sentence for this one also:(

If there were preparations, then no need to worry.
(من جد وجد ومن سار على الدرب وصل) かな?

Please notice here how much it is similar to the arabic one which says:
(دق الحديد وهو حامي)!!

From the laughing family(or house) the happiness comes.
(اضحك تضحك لك الدنيا)

The place where you live is your country.
(من عاشر القوم أربعين يوم صار منهم) かな?

If you were in hurry return back.
(في العجلة الندامة وفي التأني السلامة)

The eyes talk like the mouth
(رب طرف أنطق من قول)

Good medicine is bitter for mouth.
(من طلب العلا سهر الليالي)

There is no smoke if there is no fire
(ما في دخان بدون نار)

Very interesting. isn't it?^^