Thursday, January 17, 2008




やっと やっつの試験をやってしまいました! やっち!

Actually, they were 6 exams, but I needed to use “yattsu” to complete the sentence/(^-^)
And for “yacchi” you can consider it as a new Japanese word from my inventing©. And yes, you can give it a meaning :)

So, it’s my first vacation day. How nice!

Finally, after a very tiring and busy semester, I will take a rest. This time, “tiring” means tiring, extremely tiring, and “busy” means busy. Going to the university 6 days a week, taking lectures from 8 a.m. until 8p.m. , scarifying the holidays and break hours learning and searching for ideas for the final project, …..
And I thought I could finish 1000 kanji during this semester! How dreamy the girls are!**
Anyway, THIS SEMESTER HAS FINISHED! And today is my first day off day! (Or should I say, 25 days off)
So, What I will do?

<إن شاء الله>

Many things were flying in my mind during the final exams period. Beside studying kanji, I will continue practicing yoga with my dear friend S-san, I will memorize Holy Quran, but before that I will search again for a teacher to supervise me. I will continue studying Japanese with my very kind teacher, m-sensei.
And the most enjoyable part, my mother will teach me and m-sensei cooking! Specifically the Arabian cooking! Specifically, the Syrian cooking! Specifically, Aleppo-ian cooking! I wonder how my trials will look like, I will post on the blog my non-awkward trials^^ (if there are non-awkward ones)
I will continue my level 1 Japanese class for my friends and neighbors. I will make with my friends a winter festival for the doing-nothing-sitting-in-home children. I will learn from S-san’s daughters some music, and teach them mathematics and physics. I will watch my favorite programs on Resalah-tv. I will watch a lot of anime (good anime, ofcourse). I will edit and finalize my translation of “yuunagi no machi” manga. And I will start an anime project with my friend H-chan.

< /إن شاء الله>

(this holiday seems more tiring than the last semester!:|?)

And of course I will post on my blog! Desu kara, tanoshimi ni shite kudasai^^
Dewa shiturei shimasu. I will put a schedule my specified tasks. And I hope I will not do something that I will “やっちます” it. ^^

Mata ne!