Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Anime Book! Library!! JU!!!

Yesterday I went to the library of the university to search for a book about baseball, you know the library is very huge and the books are very old. And the way they are arranged is really terrible, the roofs are very close to each other, when I stand between them I think that I'm in a grave!! . Anyway, we have to visit it sometimes. I went to one of the new computers to find the number of the book I want to search for. (really, the new computers are the only thing that I like in the library!).

I found the number, it was about 700, and went to the specific roof, and started searching for the specific book.

While my eyes was going up and down, left and right between the books. I read many names, and themes. Music, different sports, arts, Anime, songs,... "But, wait a minute, Did I read "A N I M E" right now! "

I returned my eyes to make sure. Oh I can't believe it! It's Anime! Oh I can read it "A-N-I-M-E", and before I stretsh my hand to get the book, I thought " Maybe, it's not the Anime which I know, may be it's a abbreviation for "Archologist Neutural Integrated Medical Enhancment" , or something like that. Finally I hold myself and I hold the book, and read the title:

IT IS AN ANIME BOOK! shinjirarenai, and it's not old, it's new! totally new! It seems that no one has read it before! Ofcourse, who will think that there is just a book in the library!

Ok, now, I need to reorder my ideas. I'm in the library of the university of jordan, and I'm holding a book of Anime! Japanese Anime! I hold my self and set on a table near me. And started to read, it took me about an hour to finish the first chapter of the book, I never set to read a book for a complete hour without rest, even my study books. This book is about every thing about anime, it's is analytical approach about anime, it analyse the way of drawing, the way of talking, the characters, the good points and the bad ones, and every thing we always think about anime. And guess what! the writer of the book is An american university professor! She is recognized expert on anime! And she wrote in the book that Anime is not just for "children" like what most of Adults think.
The book is about 350 pages, it has some pictures too. But when you read it, you will understand the "anime culture" more. I will show the book to every one who I meet, so they will know that anime is an important thing and not just "a game for children"!

I think I wil start to like the library from now on!!

Leave you with some pics!

yesterday, I returned home late!! I was in the library all the time, kaetta ato de, haha ni shikararemashita! :'( (demo, anime no tame desu kara daijoubu desu ne! -_^)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Why "a" ... Why "momiji".... Why "trip"?

Ok, lets start with "momiji", momiji means maple in english, "qaiqab" "قيقب"in Arabic . I choose this name because I like Autumn, I like red leaves. you know that in japan there is a time for watching "momiji" like that there is a time for watching "sakura" .
I think "sakura" represent the beginning of the life , in arabic wa say "he is in his life spring" "إنه في ربيع عمره" it means he still young. On the other hand, "momiji" represents the before-end of life. I don't like to be philosopher nor pessimist, but "tsumari" I like momiji.

Why trip? from the beginning of 4 gatsu untill 12 gatsu , the tree leaf pass by a long trip changing it's color and making people happy when they watch it. Every one, is like "a" leaf of tree (>> answer for why "a"?) so every one should be nice to every one and to keep smiling to make himself and surrounding people happy :)

So, just smile, and be nice, and even if you trip has finished, the people will still remeber you.

keep smile :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

First of all...

Minasan konnichiwa!

This is my first post on this blog, hope you will like what I will post latear.
I made this blog to share with everyone what I have learnt in Japanese Language untill now.
I will post my trials in translation from Japanese to Arabic and vice versa.
I also wanna share with you some anime songs, pictures, clips... etc.
please keep watching my blog from while to while and I will wait for your comments!

Douzo Yoroshiku!!