Thursday, March 18, 2010

Funny tech support conversations :D

My training in the call center was really interesting, though it was really TIRING!
I received calls from "different" kind of people from all around Jordan.
Different here means Different!
I used to think that there are a variety of people in Jordan, now I BELIEVE it.
I received calls from people who seemed to have good knowledge about computer and internet, and sometimes i didn't know how to answer them, I also received calls from people who don't know a single English Character, whom i also didn't know how to help.

I never thought that you can know the personality of a person through a call, but actually you can! Voice tells a lot.

There were a lot of funny parts in working there, but the funniest ones were those when you tell a customer to do something and he understands something totally different.
I like to post here some conversations I had. :)

Me: Now after we had clicked on Start menu we have to click on "Control Panel".
Customer: ..............
Me: Did you click on it?
Customer: but there is no "Control panel" button on my keyboard!

Me: So now after we had entered the user name and password, we have to click on "Connect".
Customer: Ok, ...
Me: ....
Customer: (in angry tone) You see! it still shows me the same error 691!
Me: That means you have not entered it correctly, please tell me again what did you enter?
(After 10 minutes)
Me: Well, you entered it correctly, but I wonder why it still shows the same error,
wait a minute please! can you tell me how did you enter the "@" sign?
Customer: it is "at", "a" as in apple, and "t" as in teacher!!!!!!!

Another customer,
Me: So how you enter the username?
Customer: "usernamewwworange-net"
Me: Wait a minute! What did you say after the "username"?
Customer: www, the "a" with circle around!

(-->there are a lot of people who don't know how to read@, some people read it "yahoo"!!)

Me: What is your modem type?
Customer: XP!

Me: What is the antivirus you use?
Customer: the problem is not from the antivirus i'm sure, because I have the latest version, it is Vista!

Me: How did you type the password?
Customer: I typed it correctly but, oh! it turned to five black dots!! I will type it again.

Another angry customer;

Customer: Can you please ask your company to stop sending viruses to my computer?!!

Me: ok, can you see the filter?
Customer: .....
Me: I mean the small white box, as matches packet size,
Customer: ok, wait a minute...

(After a while)

Customer: ok, i bring it
Me: What did you bring?
Customer: the matches packet!

Me: ok, can you go now to "Start"?
Customer: I did, but it will take a while
Me: Sorry, but what did you do?
Customer: I did "Restart" my computer!

And I had this "cute" call from a child,

Child: Hello Auntie! Can you help me?
Me: sure, what's the problem?
Child: The PC speakers are not working, I made sure they are ON, and plugged them correctly to PC but there is no sound.
Me_to_myself: And why are you calling orange?!

Me: Well, now the screen in front of me shows that you are "connected".
Customer: ok, thank you. But may i ask something? What else can u see through that screen? If my father call you and ask what websites i visit will you tell him?!!

Me: Can you tell me how you enter the password?
Customer: I'm sorry I can't tell, I'm a conservative person.

Well, that's all what I can remember. Hope you enjoyed it ^^