Saturday, June 13, 2009

Count Down To 第千字!Count up to ....

Looking at the full-half of the cup, I have reached number 1000 kanji! (according to the numbering system in "kanji master v1~v3" book).
Looking at the empty-half of the cup, I still have more than 1000 kanjis to study!

Anyway, I am so glad for that, so on this occasion, I like to announce the secret algorithm(!) I have used in my study.

Click on the picture to enlarge.^^

*This algorithm applies only to (1~1000) kanjis, for more kanjis please upgrade to the premium version of the algorithm!

I found it a good and interesting way for studying and drawing kanji, but as you can notice it has some drawbacks! It is time and effort consuming (4 years, 1000kanjis), and it has an infinite loop!
Which means even if you will finish studying 1000 kanjis, you have to start from the beginning and restudy the kanjis again.
Last week I-sensei tested me with the first kanjis in the book to discover that I have already forgotten them!

That's why, I am going to reset the counter, recharge my battery, and start studying the same kanjis from the beginning!

So, instead of counting down, let's count up again! (>_<)/