Monday, September 29, 2008


Usually when I watch a drama, the worst time is when the commercials break starts!
But nowadays I started to like some commercials, I like the idea they use.

One commercial that I liked a lot, and I was waiting for the commercials break to start so I can watch it, was zain's advertisement in Ramadan.
Actually, I noticed that I like all zain's ads, what I like is the universality and the humanity that the ad presents.

Note: This post is just to show my personal opinion about zain's commercials. Please don't consider it as a commercial! ;)


What the did I do??? :'(
Today I missed my 8 o'clock lecture just because I "nebouchatta"!!
It's my first time to miss a lecture for such a silly reason!! (-->usually i miss lectures for other reasons)

how did i do that?? :'O

I set the alarm clock as usual, but I don't know what happened! 0O?

waaaaaaaaa :'O............. my lovely communication lecture..... :'( :'( :'( :'(

I wonder if I can spend Eid without compunction! :'(

Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer + Ramadan = Ganbarimashou!

Ramadan Mubarak for all (^_^)/
This year, Ramadan came during summer time, for the next 10 years (if we still alive) it will be during Summer time also. So, Ganbarimashou!

Hopefully, during this Ramadan and next years we can renew our faith, improve our patience, and "taste" some feelings of others in this world.