Thursday, August 20, 2009

Syria - July 2009 (3) : Kasab Forests & The Mediterranean Sea

While I was in Syria, I went with my family and some of my relatives to a place near Latakia City called "Um Attoyor = أم الطيور". It's a small and quiet coastal village.

First, we went from Aleppo to Latakia by train, passing through The GREAT Forests Of Kasab And Fronloq. (The way took about 3 hours).

Photos I took through the train window:

After we had reached Latakai, we took a bus to Um Attoyor Village, also, passing through Great Forests and Joyful Citrus Farms.

It took about 1 hour until we could see the sea:

The village of Um Attoyor was really great place, it is simple village but very nice.
It's a place where the green mountains meet the sea.

It was not so crowdy, although we went there in the weekend.

waiting the sunset ...

The sunset over the Mediterranean Sea

Another thing I liked very much in that place was the morning!
waking up early in the morning, walking on the soft sands of the shore while watching the pale blue color of the sea water,

while breathing the fresh sea breeze,

while hearing the roar of the waves mixed with beautiful voice of Holy Qur'an coming from the near boats.

and, while eating hot bread made by a very kind old women.
It was really a great experience when all of your senses can enjoy. Alhamdulellah.

The last picture I will post here is for the Great North River(Annahr alkabeer asshamali = النهر الكبير الشمالي) , which we passed by on the way back to Aleppo.

At the end all what I want to say is:

"May the Almighty Allah protect our beloved countries and keep them safe always"...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Syria - July 2009 (2) : My Childhood House






















** Some photos for my "sukina basho"^^:

The Hara(=alleyway) in the old town where my house located

The sub-Hara in the Hara in the old town where my house located

The sub-sub-Hara in the sub-Hara in the Hara in the old town where my house located
(try saying this 5 times quickly!)

And finally, My house!!
(which is located in the ........... you know!)

This was my room^^

And this was my grandmother room(may Allah have mercy on her)

The lemon tree
Close to it was an Escadenia tree(before it was cut-down);'(

The peach tree

The well

"chika no heya" or Alqabu= القبو

Photo from above
to the left: The "yuzu"= "الكباد، الأترجة" tree

I took this photo from the roof of the house
It is for an old school where we used to do our "explorations",
it was like a haunted house! O_O''
I heard that they will turn it into a museum soon. :(

Well, that's enough for today.^^

Next post: Kasab Forests and The Mediterranean Sea. :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Syria - July 2009 (1) : The Old Town of Aleppo & Public Park

Salam mina san!
In this post and the next two posts I will talk about my trip to Syria this summer, or , I will let the pictures talk instead of me!^^

Aleppo, my city, is located in the far north of Syria. And to reach there, heading from Jordan, we have to pass through other five main cities of Syria.

Dar'a (border city),

Damascus, the capital city:


"Al'asi river"

And finally,






(five Aleppos are enough):D

Yes, it's Aleppo, アレッポ, حلب
And as AlBuhturi said:

سَلِ الحَلَبِيّ عَنْ حَلَبٍ وَعَنْ تِرْكَانِهِ حَلَبَا

I say: Ask the Aleppo-jin about Aleppo...

Aleppo Old Town: Aleppo Citadel, Omayyad Mosque, Khan Asshoneh, and Souq Almadina

Street in the old town

Beside Aleppo Citadel

Aleppo Citadel

Omayyad Mosque and Old Souq View from Aleppo Citadel

Khan Asshoneh Main Entrance

View from inside

Must be taken picture^^

Omayyad Mosque Entrance from the Old Madina Souq

Omayyad Mosque in Aleppo

Mosques in the Old Town

Public Park in Aleppo

Main Entrance
Abu Firas Al-Hamadani Statue

Qweq River

I used to play in this dome with my brother when we were children,
Say your name loudly and the dome will repeat it many times, I discovered later that this is called "Echo"!

Next Post: My Childhood House!
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